Dancing Poplar Leaves

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It is difficult to add a title for this Piano Song, Dancing Poplar Leaves. One way of giving title is finding an analogy from the nature. The poplar leaves are constantly moved by the wind in a vibrating dance... Like the chords played in triplets.

Actually this song is more introverted than extroverted. It has a sense of lonely wondering around. A longing for something we wish for so much.

The triplet rhythm and the minor key adds a passionate mood moving in circles, again and again.

What is your title suggestion? Comment?

Sandor Kiss

Sandor Kiss


Music is a great way for experimenting with the reality, the greatest reward is to discover ones own self. By researching the Universe of sounds, movements, forms, shapes, energies you end up finding yourself. Is not it magnificent? "As above, so below, as wihtout, so within".

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